Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer time

Summer time is about making memories, hanging out with family, eating seasonal summer food, watching fireworks, home made ice cream, and pictures. lots and lots of pictures.
We spent this past week at our in-laws, and while it's been a busy week, it's been full of good memories. I'm thankful for our camera during days like this. Being able to stop time through photos lets me re-live memories. I love that we have these photos of Oliver at this moment in his life as I know these days are shorter and shorter before we welcome baby boy #2 and start an entirely new journey in our lives.
Favorites from the week....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here we are

It's been a while, as usual since I posted here. We have been having a busy summer, and I wish it would slow down so that we could extend the summer days a little longer...because I know Jonah will be back to school before we can blink!
But it's been a full summer, full of time spent with Oliver, with Jonah, with family, with friends, and it's been good. God has provided financial means for us in ways we did not even think of, as always, and we are so thankful.
Oliver is growing and learning and making us laugh daily. It's so much fun watching him at this age. He has started putting sentences together- really only about three words at a time, but so cute.
When he wants us to carry him he says, "I carry you".
"I got you" is another phrase.
This morning when Jonah left for work (we are at my inlaws, Jonah is working with his dad some) Oliver said, "I wuv you, bye bye daddy". That was a long one all on his own, so sweet.
He has been learning to listen, and take directions from us. Everyday has new learning challenges, and I love it all, even the days I am so tired and worn out and feel like the time invested feels a little in vain.
Being a parent is so fulfilling though.
Our second son is growing along and I am at 32 weeks- just flying by. Before we know it he will be here with us, playing alongside Oliver.
I am starting to think ahead to the days when he will be here and it's been hard to visualize. I think being so busy with Oliver has made me not really stop and think about having a newborn!
I am so excited to meet him, and to snuggle with this little boy that has been constantly moving inside me! I can feel so many odd, hard shaped body parts pushing against me, sometimes it's painful!
But this is about all I have time to post about today. Happy late fourth!