Saturday, May 29, 2010

Almost there!

We are now at 39 weeks! How exciting! Looking back I remember thinking how terrified I would be at this point, about to give birth. But you know what? I'm sooo ready to meet him now. I really believe God prepares you throughout to be ready- but really in the end too!
The uncomfortableness, the lack of sleep, the general weight your carrying make you more than ready to be done with being pregnant. I have more pains now than I ever did in the pregnancy, just from the weight of him.
Rolling over at night is quite an effort, but I do it numerous times since my hips start hurting- then I have to get up to go to the bathroom, it's a whole circle that continues many times.
Bending over is of course a challenge- I have to bend knees down and kind of lean sideways to attempt picking up things- and then I get so disappointed if I miss the item and have to try again! I've given up many times just for the sheer workout of it all!
I'm ready to be able to move a little easier, and sleep- while I know it will be a while for that last one.
And I'm so thrilled to see our son! We both are, and are eagerly looking forward to his arrival. Right now we are still praying for him to turn, and if he doesn't by next Friday at 9 a.m., we'll be meeting him for sure.  Otherwise, I could go into labor over the next week, we'll see. I'm not trying, but my body sure is getting ready. Oh what a fun journey it's been, and now we get to start a brand new one, how much fun it will be!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks be to God

I have been just awful these past couple days and I'm without excuse. I understand that being 9 months pregnant can often 'warrant' being uncomfortable and moody with women. But I have really strived not to become like that, and lately I have just been a bit out of control with my moodiness and discomfort. For that I've apologized to Jonah for, since he is getting the brunt of it.
I also have to stop and breathe and see what exactly is going on with me spiritually. And there is where I fail. I haven't made God my priority and I'm ashamed of that. Heavenly, Majestic, Holy Lord, who ordained and created this child of ours. It's Him who knitted together the secret parts of him.
I was reading a devotional this morning from Daily in the Word and this part really stuck out to me and made me want to remember it, so I thought I'd share it here, so I am reminded....

The veil-tearing shows us today that any and all persons who desire to know God can. No veil separates God from man now. We are all free to accept His gift of salvation and to enter His presence. Oh how the Jewish people longed to enter God's presence before Christ's death. Many faithful believers died without ever meeting with God, yet how often do we take for granted our free access to His throne? How often do we brush off entering the presence of God Almighty as a trifling matter? You have direct access to God anytime you desire. The veil of separation between you and the Creator or the world has been torn. Thank God for the ability to approach His throne! Don't take for granted the privilege you have been given. Humbly enter God's presence each day and thank Him for the work He did on Calvary to tear the veil in two.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I run my own little shop on Etsy called Itsybitsystore. It's really just a fun creative outlet for me, and I occassionally get sales which is a nice little bonus money for us. You can 'heart' shops you like on Etsy, which means you add a shop to your favorites. I have recently hit the 100 mark of all the hearts for my shop, which means 100 people took time to visit and liked what they saw. Just today I looked and saw that I had like 80 more hearts added overnight. I thought what?
So I checked my updates on a site called craftcult, and sure enough I was featured on Etsy! How exciting! I didn't even know it! What a nice surprise!
Look- you will have to click the image to make it bigger(My shop sells the little whale themed party kit):

Monday, May 24, 2010


We had our doctors appt. today and unfortunately he is still breech. I am so disappointed that he's still head up. I have had an array of feelings and thoughts about this. Perhaps he could still turn? I know God can turn him in a minute if it's His will. I am trying to take comfort in that- and that if he doesn't turn there are reasons beyond me as to why. I guess I am dreading the recovery as well as the surgery of a c-section. It is major surgery that requires a deep incision and healing time. I hate thinking about not being able to be an active helper with our new son during and after the birth. I'm trying to learn more about c-sections and such now, but honestly after all these months of learning and preparing for a natural delivery, I'm just about at my end. I just don't feel like researching a whole new selfish as that sounds. I know I shouldn't come to the end of my rope yet, but I'm just kind of mentally and physically exhausted.
The positives: we will meet our son next Friday, it's written and scheduled.
We can finish anything we need to for his arrival by then, since we have a deadline.
We can plan for meals and such for afterwards, when I'll be recovering at home and while we get acquainted with our son and having a baby at home.
We can relax about not knowing when labor will come...well maybe.
We are still doing what we can to help him or encourage him to turn...such as swimming. But my mind is a little scattered, nervous, sad. I realize in the end the health of our son is the most important thing, but I am still just feeling down about this. Anyone out there have a c-section and actually like it?
I'm worried breastfeeding will be more difficult too, and I'm trying not to let my mind get away from me. I could use some prayers as we look towards next week....d-day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My mind is gone.

My mind is gone. This weekend I experienced two airheaded moments. I know I am pretty blonde before being pregnant, I can do some things that are really dippy. But I swear as of late I have been horrible about remembering things. I can't stand it! I'm guessing it's the pregnancy...because if not I really have no excuse.
Yesterday was great- we had a friend take some maternity pictures of us, and then Jonah had to go to graduation in the afternoon, while I had a scheduled prenatal massage. Well it was around the time for me to leave when I realized to my horror I had left my own set of house keys at work- in my desk. And Jonah had his set with him of course. So I texted him to let him know I forgot mine and would he be home soon so I could bump my appt. up a bit? To make a long story short, and after shedding some tears (over emotional about the whole thing), I ended up getting a later appt. and Jonah was able to drive me over, which was nice :) He wanted to go anyways, and we stopped for an Italian ice after, yum!
Then today I had another order on Etsy (yah!) but my customer wanted it shipped out soon so I figured I'd go ahead and get it printed and ready to mail today so I could ship it tomorrow...Well I headed out to Kinkos- my very least favorite place ever. It's really the only option right now for printing since I can't afford the huge markup at a printing press.
Well I was overcharged for prints again, and I kept thinking to myself , 'Why would I price this order so low? I'm making no money on this'? In the end, I ended up printing an order of 20 (an invitation order) when my customer actually ordered 10. Which is what I had priced out online. So I went ahead and bought and printed twice as much as I needed, which made me lose money. I'm beginning to think I'm losing my mind, but maybe I just need to slow down and write myself more stickie notes!
Oh the joys of pregnancy. Perhaps this is a symptom?
I can laugh now I suppose, what else could I do?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anniversary, Breech, and Summertime

It's been a whirlwind week at work and news of our baby. Monday we went to our weekly appointment and found out that our little boy is breech. I wasn't prepared for that news since the week before we thought he was head down. Come to find out it can be easy to mistake it without an ultrasound. Apparently there little bums can feel similar to heads. So we were faced with new information and new decisions. After an ultrasound (yah for 'seeing' our son- boo for not really knowing what we were looking at!) it was confirmed because of the location of the placenta, and how he was facing, my doctor did not feel it was safe to try and physically turn him. Apparently if some things line up just so your doctor can attempt to turn the little one around. So we are scheduled for a c- section as of right now for June 4. However we are praying that he will turn before then so that I can birth him naturally. It's certainly not been in our plans to have a c-section but I can say we are trusting in God to guide us and help us through this, even if in the end it's a c-section.
My choice of course would be naturally, so I do ask if you would all pray with us as we wait to see what will happen.
I am at 37- actually 38 weeks tomorrow. So time is surely winding down! Am I scared? Surprisingly I am more excited than anything to meet this little boy. Our son! How wonderful it will be to hold him in our arms and kiss his warm face. I find myself talking to him often, telling him to rotate...but understanding if he's comfortable where he is. Maybe he just wants to be closer to his mama's voice? :)
I am trying some things to help things along, suggestions from friends. Like headphones on my belly, and swimming. But it's really up to the Lord to move this little one.
We are also winding down at work for the upcoming summer break. Jonah is busy with graduation stuff and grading and all the fun things at the end of the year.
Today is also our 5 year anniversary!!!! Five years already? I can hardly believe how quickly it passes by. But I love him more everyday. I treasure our days together and I love waking up to him each morning. My man, such a wonderful loving gift he is. We don't have big plans, just dinner and time together after work today. I'm looking forward to spending the time together. I know our alone time will be limited all too soon.
As we celebrate our anniversary, wrap up another school year, get some maternity pictures, and settle back for the birth I'm finding time is flying by.
I can only pray to be thankful for each moment and each memory we make along the way before we start this next chapter as parents!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Position up or down?

We had our 36 week appt. and found out our son is head down! We are so excited about that. He also had a strong heartbeat- which is always a joy to hear. My doctor said  I am all baby, which is true. He is all compacted in my womb without an inch to spare, and I feel it. Some people comment how small I am, but it's truly just all baby in my front. He's up under my ribs sometimes and feels wedged in there! I had a feeling he might be head down, since I've been feeling hiccupps in my pelvis area for weeks, and I kept feeling a hard bump below my chest (on the right) and what felt like kicks on the left. I now know it is his little bum and not his head we've been feeling. How funny is that?
I'm getting more and more excited to see him and touch him and put his little clothes on. Only a few more weeks and we get to meet this little guy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, 36 weeks

was a lovely spring Mother's Day. And we had such a nice day together. This year's Mothers Day was even more special to me, because it made me appreciate my own mom all the more. Being pregnant has brought a new perspective on what it takes to carry a child, and the physical sacrifice that is. It's also a blessing, but it sure isn't easy. I love my mom for all she went through to have me, and the choice my parents made to have me! Thank you to them both for choosing life. I can't fathom how people can support abortion/murder, because that's what it is. I've been thinking about our son all the more today and my thoughts are about how much we love him and are thankful for him, even as small and curled up as he is right now, he sure does make his presence known.
For our mothers day together we went to church together and we also went out to Longhorn for dinner. Yum! We even ordered a dessert to take home. When we got home I peeked in the box and to my surprise there was this ginormous dessert! I think they may have given us double? But we didn't pay for extra, so my what a nice yummy surprise. It looks like two slices instead of one, and it's so big! We'll be sharing it with the vanilla bean icecream later tonight :)
I guess I should post a picture of the dessert, which I tasted and is delicious.  And I also wanted to load a recent pic too of me at 36 weeks now. Our son sure has grown a lot in the last month, and I feel like there is no more room left! We are so excited to meet him though, soon! I hope everyone had a special day today- all you mom's and mom's to be :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hot days are here

It finally started to get hot here- humid hot. And I'm so grateful it held off so long this year. I think it made for a much more comfortable preggy me. But here I am at the last month- yesterday was our one month countdown day. So less than a month now! I'm thrilled to meet our son face to face, but I also realize it will change our lives forever...well I guess our lives have already been changed.
I've been TIRED lately. At least after work, I come home and welcome the little rest time we have before thinking about dinner or anything else. This baby sure must be growing a lot lately, because I can feel myself growing weekly. Now it's frustrating to me when I drop things because I know it's a long way down and back to pick back up- so I'll just leave it or ask Jonah for help! I feel like there isn't anymore room for him to grow inside of me, but I have weeks of growing left. I am excited for us to find out what position he's in on Monday. I have been feeling the same little lumps in certain places so whatever position he's found he's been staying in it. Praying for head down!
Our youth group at church that we work with, generously gave us a baby shower last night and we now have many diapers and wipes! That was a blessing, and I think we are about showered out. We have truly been given so much and are grateful for each gift. Our son certainly isn't lacking anything physically.
It's funny how people ask me all the time how I'm feeling and if it's a good pregnancy. I feel okay, besides the large baby wedged in my stomach and up under my ribs and on top of my pelvis. Other than that can't complain! I really can't- other than the sickness I had in the first half, I'm pretty much okay.
It's so different to go through this personally, than to hear it from other people. It's truly a unique experience and not the same for everyone.
I know this post is terribly exciting, hopefully I'll have some pictures to upload soon to make it more interesting. Just wanted to post whats been going on.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tonight I painted my nails pink, and my that makes me happy. I haven't painted my nails in a long time, I always do my toes but not my fingers. I know it's the small things right?
I guess I am a no fuss kind of girl so taking time to do something like that for myself is always more work it seems, or I just don't feel like I have the time. And it took me a total of 2 minutes to do my nails. They match my toes now too! I guess it didn't take that much time after all!
We also went out shopping tonight and I now have some pajamas for the hospital, an item on my list, which I'm thrilled is crossed off. It was just a small thing I wanted- for nursing and I found a great pair of pj's. We also picked up our changing pad and cover, and a bassinet sheet and bottle washer for the dishwasher. Isn't it fun to buy new things? Even something as small as a sheet is fun!
I've been feeling more like I have been focusing so much on me and baby though and I don't want to neglect my sweet loving husband. I have to start thinking more about him and I'm wondering what can I do for him to let him know how special, loving, supportive and caring he is? I am even more aware of this through this pregnancy, what a special man I am married to.
So my mission now is to keep taking some small moments of pampering for me, but also for him too!

Monday, May 3, 2010

oh the gracefulness

We had a nice weekend, busy, but nice. We had  a newborn photoshoot with a family we recently did maternity pictures for. Before that we had a hospital tour. It was nice to finally do that on our list of things to do and it was good to see the rooms we'd be in for labor and recovery. I think it will be a nice place to have our baby, and we are praying about the staff that will be there that day.
The photoshoot was fun, and their baby girl is beautiful! I may post some pictures on facebook, after we finish editing them.
Then yesterday we had church. Let me just tell you about the night service...starting with my grand entrance up the front steps outside. I gracefully tripped and sprawled out on the steps, hitting my knee pretty good. Talk about embarassing, and a slight blow to my pride! I haven't fallen down in public yet, but with my coordination lately it's no surprise. I tried to stop myself from the fall, but with my weight centering around my middle it was pretty hard, I just had to go with it and let it happen. I didn't fall on my belly but my knees thankfully. But it was scary and embarrassing. Jonah turned around and helped me up and gave me a hug, since I was tearful at that point. I was already tired and hot and that just topped it off, how many people were staring at the graceful pregnant lady sprawled out on the steps? Oh well!
But later when we were in our seats (after we had shaken hands and greeted others) Jonah whispered to me that the little boy behind us thought Jonah was Jesus. How funny! Must be the curly hair?
So it lightened my mood, and I was thankful for the laugh. Sometimes we get to go through experiences that are humbling, and then God brings along something to lighten the mood. I'm sure our own son will bring his own humor to our lives too.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cute stuff

I am finally posting some of our latest gifts, and our recent Craigslist purchase. We had 3 showers and at 2 of them we received hand-made blankets. I know my sewing family members will appreciate the details in the blankets- maybe it's quilting? I know we will use them for years to come and I truly appreciate the time it took to make them!
Our craigslist purchase was of this adorable swing that is basically brand new- I washed the cute little lamb seat (see the ears?) and it swings all directions, plays different tunes and nature noises and the mobile rotates too. (oh notice the nice table runner in the background from my sister :) How cute is it? We got it for about half price from a new one, which we thought was a great deal. Amongst our many other favorite things so far, we received a new sock monkey at our shower, which Jonah loves- very retro and adorable. Our son has so many nice things!