Sunday, August 31, 2008

buying a home

Two years. That is how long we have been searching for our first home. Although we haven't made the big purchase yet, I'm thankful for the process we have been through and that God has protected us along the way from making the wrong choice. I know that in my heart and everytime I get excited about a possibility I turn to Him- sometimes it may be after my heart is involved and I just WANT a certain home. God has a way of helping us understand that our wants are sometimes not His will....that is usually how it is with me anyways.

We are at a place again where we have found a good home at least we think maybe, and it is really just a matter of waiting on God to open the door wide for us. It's funny because there seem to be many circumstances that are preventing us from getting this one right now and I really just have to step back and pray about it even though I want to control the way things are- yeah I have some control issues! I think I could do better sometimes, only to realize my ways are usually not God's ways. But what have I learned about this homebuying thing?

1. Find a good neighborhood.
2. Invest in a property that will increase in value (look at the sales surrounding the home)
3. Drive in the neighborhood at different times of the day, at night after work, on the weekends, over the holidays, throughout the week....yeah we have really grown fond of one neighborhood
4. Use a really good agent as your realtor- someone you feel comfortable with who doesn't pressure you to buy anything,who will stick with you for years.
5. Calculate how much your mortgage will be but also include taxes, and extra stuff like HOA
6. Ask to see previous bills for heating and electric for the home your interested in and calculate that into the final mortgage payment as well.
7. Don't pick the first home you see, unless you feel God really pushing you, but God is usually not pushy.
8. Don't feel pressured to buy a home. God will provide-you just have to trust.
9. Don't pressure your spouse into making a decision. It should be a mutual decision.
10. Make sure your neighbors don't have a yippy little dog that won't shut up. That could be a problem.
11. Sidewalks in a neighborhood are a great thing- safer too.
12. Two car garages bring more value and appreciation for homes.
13. Learn to compromise on issues that are important to both of you...compromise does not mean 'you listen to me'.
14. House hunting is fun for the first 2 weeks.
15. Bring dramamine because those cul-de-sacs can be pretty bad.
16. Don't forget to PRAY.

So there are some rules that I have learned along the way. In no particular order. And I am still learning too, I'm sure there will be a whole manual I could write by the time we move into our first home. Yeah, I'm a little tired of looking and I'm ready to move, but it will happen when it happens! And when it does, boy will I post pictures. Well maybe, but I will post updates to our progress. It's sure to be quite exciting.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here goes

Well this is the first time I have written in my very own blog. I thought it would be fun to write down my thoughts about life and the crazy journey it is. Life has a funny way of sending you down paths,up mountains and down in valleys but more often than not you are on the flatlands just walking across the plains wondering where the turns will lead you. And my steps are prayerfully considered by the Creator I look up to for help, for guidance, for a little help in this crazy life. Okay for a great big huge help.