Thursday, April 14, 2011

Business, gardening and such

Here we are in April. I'm wondering where March went. Oliver is now 10 months and moving all over the place. It's been an amazing change from months 8-10. He has been learning new things constantly and it's been so much fun to watch him. His latest discovery is mimicking us. He'll try to do the same face expression or movement that we do. It's hilarious to see this! Sometimes I can just see the wheels turning in his little mind...
Another thing he enjoys doing is putting his toys in secret places. One is a basket near our tv stand. He'll drag his blocks one by one over to it, reach up and drop them down into it. He also likes to take apart his soft stackable rings and shove them one by one through our ottoman that rocks. If he doesn't make it through with one he'll take it out and try again. His little mind is showing us how he is structured in his thought process, and I laughingly try to take credit for that. Ha! We all know though that Jonah is the organized mind in our family, even though I try!
I haven't posted pictures in oh so long, and I will leave with one before I go.
Today though I am venturing into a new exciting endeavor...gardening!
Jonah and I picked up organic seeds, soil, and some non-organic seedlings (couldn't find them as organic). We are digging up a patch in our backyard today to plant our veggies. I'm excited to do this, as I have high hopes for our plants growing and NOT dying, as I tend to do with houseplants. I chose veggies that I know Oliver likes, and we do (except for the peas, blahhhh!) and that are expensive to buy organic. I'm hoping to save us some money there once they come in. I know it will be a couple months before they grow but I'm looking forward to watching them, and teaching Oliver about planting. Granted he may be little and not understand, but I try to involve him even now in my everyday tasks. Training him up!
Other things on our plate:
we are developing our business plan even more, so the grand opening of it has been delayed. By grand opening, I mean sharing our blog and facebook page. Website will be down the road. Our vision for what we want it to be has been slightly skewed over the past sessions. So we are deciding which direction we want to take it. It may turn into a couple businesses under one umbrella name. This sounds complicated but it would all relate into one nice little package.
We are praying for wisdom and timing with this and have peace in knowing God is working out each detail along the way. One of these is an upcoming meeting with a local photography husband and wife team, whose work we kind of drool over. They have a direction in their work that we know we want to go. They are meeting with us next week, just to talk shop. They are similiar in their beliefs as stated on their website and open to meeting with others to share their story.
So that's exciting for us to hear from others in the field.
For now that's where I'll leave as I have a talking little boy at my feet. Someone's ready to eat!

Oliver loved loved loved the huge helium balloons. This is like his second time seeing balloons and he was so excited he couldn't even get his laugh out, there were squeals!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm still here!

Goodness gracious. Where have I been?
Not sure when the last post was. I have tried to post on several occasions but never got to the 'publish' part. We've been busy in March. The month was centered around a 4 day trip to NYC. I do mean centered too. Planning, packing and going to the city was different this time around since we had Oliver with us. I learned a lot from that trip. How taking along a baby does not equal relaxing, vacation-style trip. Even though it wasn't a vacation trip, and I knew it would busy. Take busy and multiply that times 3. Truthfully Oliver did wonderfully. Me on the other hand...
I was truly grateful I was able to go- and bring Oliver, and be there with my sweet husband. He and his job were the reason we went. And it was for an award ceremony. So proud of him and how hard working he is. I'm so thankful we have these past two NY trips to look back on with memories. You learn a lot on your first visit to the big city, and on your second trip it's easy breasy. Sort of.
Now here we are rolled into a new month, and our baby boy turned the big 10 months today. My, can time slow down a wee bit here?
Big decisions have been prayed over this past month and there have been big answers from God. I am thankful for others that pray. I am thankful for God who hears me. My little voice is important to Him and I'm humbled by that. I have received answers to some heart questions and I have genuine peace about the answers He provided. He has also been moving in my family and it's been amazing to see.
I have also been plugging along with our business start up, and we have been blessed with yet another maternity shoot we did last week. I can happily say we are moving forward and are close to launching our business, live!
It's with much prayer and time that this can even happen.
So life is full and not slowing down. Even Oliver is speeding up with his army crawling, half up on his knees, rocking thing going on.
Oh how much fun this crazy life is being a wife, and mom.