Wednesday, June 5, 2013

it's the everyday

It's been a while.
I realize I cannot keep up with blogging over here as much as I used to.
Ha! Well I realized this a while ago- around the time I was pregnant with our second son maybe. Or it may have been once he was born.
Having two babies sure does make a lady busy.
But I am loving it. I love the busyness of motherhood and family.
AND on top of our everyday happenings, we (my husband and I) have officially launched our rebrand for our photography business.
This has been a long time coming in our photography journey. It's take a few years to get this point where we know what style we want to focus (no pun intended) on.
This is something we are passionate about. This kind of picture taking comes naturally to us, and it took time to get here, but once we did we embraced it and thanked God for leading us to this very point. You learn a lot in the journey and for that we are grateful. We are still learning a lot.
Running your own business is not EASY. In fact I think it's the hardest thing you can do. It's tough to be the one to think of marketing, sales, customer service, budgeting, pricing and of course the creative side of it. Which kind of gets pretty small when it's stacked up against everything else that needs to be done. And along with those things there is always learning going on. Learning more about our equipment, our skills, our technical knowledge. It won't end. And that's great that it won't end. I hope to always be learning and growing in photography.
So our business.
The name?
We are thrilled to launch, excited about where it will go, how it will grow and also what stories we will tell through the lens. In the Atlanta area? We'd love to be able to tell your story. Outside of ATL? Traveling is also an option, send us an email and we'll chat.
You can follow us on facebook and twitter, and keep up with our latest posts on our blog over at our site.
Go ahead, and take a gander ;)