Saturday, August 29, 2009

New work

So after I posted my challenge I found a lovely surprise in my Etsy inbox. I had a request from a fellow etsy shop wondering if I would consider doing some freelance work for her? Oh and she also wanted one of my items, made to order in her color palette.
Can I do freelance? Well of course! I am so excited about this little job, and that I am creating something that is right up my alley- a fun, illustrated, modern palette. It will help build a little more in that very large piggy bank for my Nikon.
I also pondered this morning how the Christian life is exciting for the very reason God gives us what we need as we need it. Kind of like mannah, in the Bible. The excitement comes when you realize it is from God and it is just what I needed right now and that thought makes me all the more thankful for it.
Now onto being creative...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my challenge

Isn't it lovely?
This is the Nikon D90.
And it's my challenge.
This is the camera I want for my very own. And after much thought I have decided that I am going to work to save up for it. I have no idea how long it will take me....maybe I will give myself a deadline. But all I know is I am going to find a way to somehow purchase this lovely camera. It's a personal challenge as there are many other things my husband and I are trying to accomplish financially. So anything for this will truly be from extra work I search out. I have some small opportunities that I can pursue, and I think it will add a little money towards this. But I am also going to pray for this, because with this camera comes opportunity to pursue a passion of mine, and with that passion comes a different road in my life, who knows where this will go? I think it's so important to pursue what you are passionate about!
I'm so excited, this is DAY ONE of my own challenge and my current $ towards this is small, but it will grow....all in due time it will grow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This morning I am so thankful it's Wednesday, for the fact that it's HALFWAY through the work week. I don't remember being this tired for so long at the start of the school year. Since the kids came back oh- exactly two weeks ago, you would think I would have been used to the whole getting up earlier for work, especially since all staff and teacher were back a whole week prior to the kids. I'm not sure what the deal is with me lately...
But I suppose working out makes me a little more tired, getting home later on a couple nights. We have been busy the past couple weekends too. It makes the week a little more tiring when you don't get some recuperation time over the weekend.
But tonight is church, and on Wednesdays we help with the youth group. We are breaking into to new small groups tonight with each youth leader taking several kids into a small group, to review the nights message handout, and to just get to know the kids needs and whats going on with them. The intent is to provide accountability with their own walk with the Lord, keeping faithful with devotions. It's an accountability factor to me too as an adult. How hard it is to make that time alone with the Lord. And I know it should be my first priority.
Please pray for the kickoff meetings tonight to go well, and for the 9 weeks or so to be a huge time of growth, spiritually for all them tonight.
I hope you all have a blessed day, and make time to wink at the love of your life :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


I know my posts have been few and far between and without any pretty pictures too. So I wonder who out there is reading this faithfully, but it doesn't really matter I suppose. I do enjoy the journaling all the same.
This weekend flew by all too quickly! I had a good college friend come visit us and she brought her new little dog with her. I grew up with animals all throughout my childhood so I would consider myself to be an animal lover, but since I have been married we have never had animals. In our little apartment it makes more sense. To say the least, having her little dog there made the experience somewhat of an eye opener...I love my friend and we had a great time visiting together, but I realized waiting on having animals really isn't all that bad!
I did do a little photoshoot with her and her dog- Emma. I will have to post a picture or two in the near future.
We also visited a local church that is offering Financial Peace University (FPU). Since we have already read through The Total Money Makeover, we are pretty familiar with a lot of the budgeting and things that I'm sure will be covered in FPU. But this course offers a more in depth approach in finances and investing which we are both excited about. It's a 13 week course and we will start our first class on the 20th. We are both such Dave Ramsey fans after going through TMM, I'm excited about this course!
Well it's another busy work week, so I better get cracking. Happy Monday morning.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


My it's been a while since I've posted. I guess we have busy. Well I know we've been busy. School started back and that alone has kept us working away from morning til evening. On top of that I was recovering from my dental surgery. I ended up needing more pain medication after the bliss of the first round wore off...I'm not a big advocate of medicine in general because it usually effects me so strongly, but it was more pain and grumpiness than I cared to deal with. So after two days of pain meds I was finally feeling better and able to handle regular food instead of the soft diet. I think that made my week tiring, along with the pile of projects and deadlines that seem to grow in a few days time back at work.
But we have also made some healthy lifestyle changes. We met with one of our trainers who is also a nutritionist and discussed ways to improve our eating habits. We have been working out pretty consistently and are ready to move into the nutritional side as well.
We kept a food diary for three days to record when and what we ate, and shared that in our appointment. It was pretty amazing to see how little protein we have incorporated into our diet, as well as fats- good fats. Breaking down food into three groups, fats, carbs, and protein is what will help with meal plans. We all need some of each in every meal, but the right quantities. Our goals are a little different than some, opting to gain a little weight along with overall strengthening. A lot of people need to lose weight, fortunately we are both high metabolism people.
It's a new challenge for both of us and we are excited to take it on. I have had an increasing interest in general health and nutrition of the past few years so I'm excited to finally embark on it along with Jonah! I realized in the past I couldn't make him be excited and go for it with me, so it was kind of hard to get on the bandwagon. Now we are both making this decision together, which is pretty awesome.
The human body is amazing, and learning about what it needs to repair and regenerate itself is mind boggling. I never realized how much your moods and hormones can be effected by lack of complex food groups in your body. We need to take care of our bodies, but doing so reaps so many rewards in overall health.
I'll let you know if I discover anything significant, or maybe you would rather not hear about all this nutritional stuff. I just find it fascinating.
Now onto exercise. Sigh, no one ever said it was easy, but I know I will benefit from it in the long run.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day after, it's over!

Surgery went really well yesterday. The only pain I felt was from the IV needle. After that all I remember is them telling me to sleep well and when I woke up it would be over. Which is exactly what happened. It's amazing how quickly the anesthetic knocked me out....that with laughing gas and a valium! I truly felt the prayers of fellow Christians surrounding me. I had asked several people to pray for me, including fellow bloggers. Thanks to those that did. Ever since I knew I needed this surgery ( 9 months ago or so ) I dreaded it. So here I am the day after and I'm amazed at how well I feel. Granted I am on some drugs right now....I still feel a lot better than I anticipated. I guess the mind plays tricks on you sometimes, always going to the worst case scenario. So I am home now relaxing away the Saturday afternoon, and thankful I was able to get this done over a weekend, so we will be ready to head back to work Monday.
Jonah, my dear sweet husband has been so helpful and considerate. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to eat or get home yesterday. The medicine knocked me out so strongly. I had to eat before taking pain medicine, so he prepared food for me and helped me eat...Such a loving and gentle husband. He takes care of me like a prince!
I love him and thank God for such a wonderful man to be by my side.
Thanks Blogger friends for your prayers and thank you Lord for your presence.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Surgery today

It's so early. Around 5:45 here. I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning so that I would be sure to get up and eat and drink some of my delicious coffee. I just finished my second slice of toast and I'm nursing my oversized cup of coffee.
It's surgery day. Finally almost a year later...well not quite. I am having my dental implant today. It sounds really funny if I tell people I am having an implant. And only one too. I have to admit I am nervous about all the things that could happen. Please pray for me today as I go in at noon. I am reminded of the verses in Psalm that say Fret not. How I need to remember that today. As well as...Fear not for I am with thee...
I will probably be out of it, unfortunately for the afternoon and evening. I will be put out during the surgery itself and it will last about an hour. Sigh. Looking forward to it being over already. But I am thankful they had this appointment available since the kids come back to school next week, we wanted to get this over during a down time in the school year. So with a brave face I am thinking of my surgery and how it will go. I'm so thankful I have the Lord with me, the Creator of the Universe, by my side.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

girl print

I created a new print today, thanks to the suggestion of a fellow etsy member. Girl themed, I am interested to see how this one will do in my shop.

It's nice to add a checkmark to something in my ever-growing list. I have many more ideas waiting to come out, with time.
Today I spent the day at home with my hubby. He hurt his back last night during a volleyball game with friends. I was home with him helping in any way I could. He will probably go to our chiropractor tomorrow, please pray for his back to heal quickly as school is starting this week- well for teaching staff anyways.
It was kind of nice to just be still and quiet with him today-something we don't really do a lot of. We had some Christian music on and we just laid together and 'napped' for a little while. I can't really sleep with music or any noise, so I just enjoyed the quiet togetherness, while listening to the quiet praise music. It was really nice, and it made me wonder why we don't take more time like that together, simply letting the 'must do's' of every day life creep in and steal our time, our thoughts, our days. I had my own devotions and really just tried to keep my heart open and ready for listening to Him.
My heart lately has had a desire to know Him more. Really take time to get to know Him more. It's too easy and monotonous to let someone else tell you all about Him. I think God seeks a personal intimate relationship with us and it's up to us to seek Him out. He is always there ready and waiting. Kind of makes me tear up almost to think about that. How many times have I turned from Him, and He so lovingly takes me back every time.
Jonah spoke this past Wednesday for youth group and his message was about the prodigal son, and how in the end his father continued to take him back regardless of all that the son went through- the selfishness, the worldliness. It was really a great reminder to me, and just what I needed to hear again. How forgiving our Father is. How loving He is. How unfailing He is. I do want to strive to not make the same mistakes over and over again, but I can rest in the peace and knowledge that I am forgiven and will be forgiven for my sins that I fall into again- much like potholes in the walk of life. Have a wonderful Sunday fellow readers and writers alike!