Friday, November 20, 2009

One of our Christmas shots

Well, we finally took our Christmas card photo last weekend, and after several attempts we ended up having several we liked.
Not too bad for self timer and running to get in the photo :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I can be blonde

I can be an airhead sometimes. Well at least once everyday :)
On our drive into work this morning we passed a brand new sign that was built in our town. It has messages of local events displayed on it. Today it said "Free dinner for all vets on Veterans Day at the Community Center". I thought- but not very long- and said to Jonah, "that's a small group of people- veterinarians only?"
Jonah said, "that's Vets, as in veterans of war".
Really? I can't believe myself sometimes!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

I received an inquiry about one of my items today in my Etsy inbox. She had mentioned that she found it through a different blog. I was curious to know who, so she sent me the website. To my surprise I found my work on an entirely 'stranger' site, I don't know who this is but I was thrilled to have been found! Plus if it brings in another order, how great, and unexpected is that? Here is the link to the site:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I haven't written in a while it seems. Lovely fall is flying by all too quickly here. Jonah and I had an unexpected blessing of doing a photoshoot this past Sunday afternoon. We did a family portrait session outside in the beautiful colors. It was a nice little extra for us, financially, that we weren't counting on. Everytime we do photo sessions I always tell myself'"I could do this" as in a career. But who knows if we will go that route one day? I just really enjoy it.
The weekend before we did a photoshoot of our friends new little girl. It's always fun working with teeny tiny infants as they don't really do too much, you kind of pose them or take them as they are. So I've been busy editing photos in the evenings. I wanted to post a couple here, but I'll have to do that maybe tonight or soon this week. I also took a few shots of our leaves here, the golden red shades that light up the trees. The colors are just so breathtaking, I am so thankful God gives us fall each year to see all the splendor. It makes me marvel in His creation, and my mind goes heavenward to what kind of beauty we will see there, I can't even imagine. Do you suppose it will look anything like the beauty of earth?
But I've been busy at work, just plotting along. I arrive pretty early and it's hard for me, since I'm really not a morning person. I get to greet a lot of people as they come in and it's the biggest challenge for me, since I can be such a grump. Truly I'm trying to learn how to overcome myself and not be a sourpuss. Boy it sure is hard when other people are cheerful morning people!
I remember growing up, my dad was and has always been an early riser, and a huge morning person. Poor dad, he was the only one I think in our family of 6. My sisters and my mom never really had the energy and enthusiasm as he did (still does) in the wee hours.
Now I miss him and wish I could hear his happy greetings on some of these mornings, he did make me smile after all. It always makes me wonder how people wake up like that!
But anyways onto starting my day, hope everyone has a marvelous middle of the week day!