Saturday, March 28, 2009

the little things

It's the weekend again and I am feeling very blessed. I just wanted to say how good God is. It's easy to get so caught up in life and so busy that I somehow substitute my time and business for being filled up and renewed by Him. He is the reason for life and it's funny how I can push Him out of it. This morning I spent some time in prayer and really focused on what I was saying. 
I am humbled by how God continues to love me and be there for me regardless of my mistakes over and over again. 
Jonah and I have been on our 'becoming debt free' journey and I continue to see how God is blessing us for making this decision. For the past two months we have received more coupons and discounts for dinners than we can ever remember. We received two cards in one week from family and friends with coupons and cards for dinner. Not to say that if you decide to become debt free you will get lots of these! But I really feel it was a small way God said Hey I'm taking care of you and blessing you for trusting Me.
We also made the decision (as hard as it is right now) to stay renting until we can get rid of these student loans and really have a good savings for a home, so it may mean another year or two in our apartment. Every year the rates change in the ebb and flow of the economy, inflation it just happens. But we received a note from our office saying because of the economy if we renew we will not receive an increase, our rate will stay the same. 
That's pretty awesome considering we were expecting to pay more....I really feel like it's a blessing- and we didn't even pray for that. 
How nice :)
It's so great to stop and thank God for what you have in your life. God is good  all the time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

full days

It's been an eventful weekend, with my nephew being born, opening up ItsyBitsy and of course, cleaning, groceries, church, coffee shop....We ended up staying up too late last night too, catching one of our favorite shows The Unit. Needless to say I'm tired this morning.
It's a beautiful day out though, with gorgeouse white blooming trees- I believe their Dogwoods- they remind me of a beautiful wedding, and I have been meaning to take a picture of them, because of their breathtaking beauty.
I also am excited to say I made my first sale on ItsyBitsy! Woohoo! That was a nice surprise Saturday morning.
I also saw the first pictures of my nephew yesterday, such a sweetie. I know newborns all kind of tend to look alike, but after talking about Jack so long, it was exciting to finally 'meet' him.
I know my sister is relieved to be done, but also in recovery for a little while from her c-section. Her and her husband will make great parents, knowing them, I know their home is filled with love and prayer.
I'm looking forward to meeting Jack in person this summer too. Now if I can only find a flight...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

He's here!

Hurray, my new nephew Jack is born! My sister, Jack and TJ are all doing great, just tired from an all nighter. Praise the Lord for this new little one!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Itsy Bitsy

I finally did it. I started products for Itsy Bitsy.....a name I had brainstormed months and months ago with my sister. We were going to start a business together using our talents- her as an artist/illustrator, and myself as an artist/designer creating invitations and such. Well needless to say our efforts together did not amount to what we had planned on....but I still loved the name Itsy Bitsy for a future baby/child line. One of my passions is designing baby boutique style items- print pieces. 
I find inspiration from little baby boutiques where creativity and originality thrive.
I don't like over commercialized anything really so if it has that  one of a kind, home made, feel to it I love it. My color palette usually gravitates towards retro, vintage style. More earthy I guess. 
But I have always wanted an outlet for this kind of design. 
Etsy is an online marketplace where you can sell your goods easily with hardly any cost to you.
I have posted on Etsy before (and still do) with my own shop, but I finally opened up Itsy Bitsy!! I am keeping it open for me and my sister, who is also very artsy and talented. 
Right now she is actually at the hospital in the process (hopefully) of delivering her first born so she will be busy for a while once they are all home and getting adjusted to the new little boy in their lives. However once she's is feeling up to it she is also going to post items at the shop.
I'm excited about the start of this, no matter how it turns out, it's my big foot out the door doing something I love!
Check it out I posted it in my art and design links.


Friday, March 20, 2009

baby boom

I'm excited about this weekend. Not just because it's almost here- which means a couple days off from work, but for my family that I cannot see!
My oldest sister is being induced tonight, so with much prayer she will have her brand new baby boy this weekend. It's also her husbands birthday tomorrow which would make it even more special if he is born on his daddy's birthday.
My second to youngest sister is also flying in to stay with my parents....all the way from Bulgaria. She is also pregnant, but due to some complications she couldn't have the baby overseas and plans on delivering here in the states. That's exciting for all of us sisters (and mom and dad) to be able to spend some time with her and see the newest addition.
So there is anticipation and excitement to see what happens this weekend in March.
My prayers go out for safety of my family!

Monday, March 16, 2009

finally after all snug and clean

Just some fun shots of my nephew Pearson and his mom, my sister in law, Lori. I haven't posted pictures in a while so here you go with a dozen!!


my nephew

We spent the weekend with Jonah's family and his brother and his wife and little boy were also able to come and visit as well. 
I was able to take some fun pictures of my nephew Pearson who is about 6 months old now. It was so much fun!!! I just love photography

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Did you ever feel like Satan preys on you the most on a Sunday? 
I have taken on more responsibility on Sundays at my church. I run a coffee shop that our teens work in to earn money towards mission trip ect. It's really opened my eyes to how much work it takes to effectively run a business, be it as small as a coffee shop. 
But Sundays lately for me have really been hard. My focus hasn't been on the service, but on all the things wrong with my life, the church, basically just a small bit of a pity party. 
I know as women we can be somewhat hormonal, but it's not excusing my behavior lately.
I just feel like Sundays should be so special, because you get to learn more about Jesus, who He is, and what He has for us in this life (actually what He has for us after this life).
I've just been filled with discontent lately and I don't like it!!
It's so easy to become discontent by looking at what others are doing around you. We all go through things at different times: getting married, buying a first house, having children-those are big goals we all strive for. 
As we journey through our way of becoming debt free I know without a doubt that it is the right thing to do. But it's easy to trip up and see what others our age are doing. I know it's going to continue to be hard and sacrifice for me could very well be my personal comfort of wanting to be in a different place. One step at a time, one day at a time.
I know that God is pretty specific about debt in the Bible, and I feel we are honoring Him by ridding ourselves of the burden- I think Satan is working on me to give up and be overcome by discontent. 
Why is it so easy to be discontent and so hard to be completely content? 
I ask you pray for me as I walk this road, because it's surely a long one.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do something

I can be a quiet girl. I can keep my mouth shut when need be. And out of the respect for the position of our President I hold myself back from yelling sometimes.
But this time I feel the need to share.
For those of you that don't follow the news online or on TV I'd encourage you to read the following article:,2933,507965,00.html
Our president and the British Prime minister apparently exchange gifts with each other as a symbol of peace between the countries. They are our allies.
This time our newly elected President chose his own gift from maybe Walmart?
I heard about this today at work actually from one of the Bible teachers. I have felt an overwhelming sense of a burden almost for this new whitehouse staff. This is OUR COUNTRY people!!! Pay attention to what is going on in our country- a President who outrightly chooses to mess with our relationship to our ally. There seems to be an ulterior motive behind such ignorance. I don't know why the voices of all those Americans out there just like me are not being heard. We do have a voice, we have a purpose, we have a way to make changes, by doing something. I feel lead to at least start writing our senate, our congress, whatever it takes- just start doing something. Don't sit idly by.
I do pray for direction and calmness as I get angry about those that just sit by and watch our country fall apart. I know I don't like to be idle.
Pray, fast, pray for our country but more importantly pray for others to hear the precious message of Jesus salvation. I know the days are drawing ever closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Now is the time to do something!!!
Now is the time to worship...........

Monday, March 9, 2009


Today I had planned to get up earlier than usual. I planned to have plenty of time to get ready, have devotions, and leave for work with time to spare.
I woke up when my 6a.m. alarm went off. Then I hit snooze. Then I turned it off 5 minutes later. So getting up earlier than usual actually turned into 10 minutes earlier.
With the recent time change-and the loss of an hour, it's even more difficult to wake up on this Monday morning. At least my intentions were good, and that counts for something right?
There is always tomorrow....
We had a great weekend though, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. It felt like real spring, with sunshine and warm breezes. Hmm, we loved it. We had time to go to mainstreet in our town and shoot the 'square'. Just looking for places of inspiration for potential photo shoots with clients- all those clients we just know are going to contact us.
Actually we had a delightful surprise Saturday morning and received a call from a lady that is looking to have senior pictures made of her son. We are so excited about our first client! What an unexpected blessing from God. Thanks God, for looking out for us!!!
I am also learning to look for the positive things in my life.
Keeping my mind focused on all the good things in my life is a way to have victory of the negative I make my little lists of five things when I feel that side of me coming on.
Today is a good day to do this since it's Monday!
1.We are working towards being out of debt.
2.We don't have the pressure of a mortgage right now.
3. My husband and I have jobs- and work in a great place.
4. We are both able to use our talents, and things we are passionate about at the workplace.
5. I had time to clean and finish laundry this weekend!

Happy Monday everyone :)