Sunday, April 29, 2012

a mom

We had a relaxing afternoon with some friends of ours. New found friends somewhat, as we have been planning to get together for some time, but were finally able to connect. My hiatus from the world for 4+ months (morning sickness) had a small something to do with that I suppose. But it was a great time together and I am looking forward to getting to know them in the days ahead!
I was able to share one of my favorite stories with them- our journey of faith over this past year. I blogged about this whole process here and I'm so glad I did as it will always give me a place to go back to and read over- even though it's all still pretty fresh in my mind.
Sorting through some recent photos I took of Oliver has brought my mind and heart back to the past year. It's almost been a whole year since I've switched roles from the work world to being a stay at home mom.
All I can say is God is so good. So good to answer, to lead, to provide along the way. Did I doubt?
There are moments of wonder, like how will we continue to meet our needs each month? But they are slowly being shifted to- I know God will provide, can't wait to see how. It's been a wonderful year.
I have been able to be there for Oliver in ways I dreamed, watching him grow and learn daily. Now as we await baby boy #2's birth I am amazed at how God loves us. That fear that often holds us back from stepping out in faith is very much a blindfold to the amazing gifts God wants to give us.
I know looking back it was scary, fearful, unsettling those days and weeks leading up to our decision for me to be at home, to leave an income providing job.
Not that I'm saying every mom should drop her job and be at home right now.
I know that for me it was a desire in my heart that grew, and one I shared with Jonah (notice I didn't say nagged, whined and begged with Jonah) as a possibility. And facing a deadline to make this decision allowed us to both focus on much prayer & fasting (Jonah) over it.
And God answered, He spoke to us and we heard it and together we made the decision.
I was telling my friend how important it was that we both came to that decision. Unity in it or not at all.
And how important that is- because it hasn't been easy this past year. We had to give up outings and extras to make sure we had what we needed each month. I could get upset about not having money for eating out, or salon haircuts, or whatever little thing I suppose I could dwell on. But I'm thankful. I'm thankful for a husband that supports me and loves me and prays with me and for me each day as we look to God for our needs. Ah, yes, that peace that God provides along with His leading is what gives us the joy we need. Things are not important, they are nice, and many are necessary- but He is providing those necessary things. The rest is just a blessing. Lots of blessings poured over us. And I don't think I would have otherwise seen the blessings. If that makes sense...
Here are some shots though of our little Oliver waking up one morning. I wouldn't miss this for all the paychecks in the world. Oh sweet goodness for the heart!

Friday, April 27, 2012

giant crayons

So today is designated to menu planning. It's kind of sad that I have to block off well, a day.
And how is it coming along?
Well I made some giant crayons.
Yes, that's what happens when the queen of procrastination tackles a project that she hates.
Not that I haven't started my menu planning.
I'm currently surrounded by coupons, grocery lists, sale lists and some raisins (my snack).
But this morning I had the brilliant idea to try one of my pins on pinterest that I have been wanting to try.
Truly it was easy. They had about 3 steps to make these crayons and it really was that simple. The hardest part was pulling the labels off the crayons- some seem to stick more on certain colors. But since we have an abundance of crayons in our house, I've been wanting to try my own giant ones. I figured they would fit well in Oliver's little hands and I even thought they may make a nice party favor for his birthday. I happen to have molds that are circles- so "O" for Oliver would be appropriate.
Here are my giant crayons in the end:

I think for next time, when I make a big batch, I will stick to simpler color blends- maybe just two per crayon. Plus I also realized it does matter if you use cheap vs. crayola brand. The ones in the front are crayola, and the ones in the back (see that layer of wax underneath?) are from a carebear coloring book.
I was overall very pleased with how easy it was. Now to go draw with them- I need Oliver to try them out, as soon as he wakes up from his nap. For the pin here is the link.
For now I'll go back to my favorite task....that isn't going anywhere fast.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

22 weeks

Here we are at 22 weeks! I have been slightly horrible about updating any progress throughout this pregnancy, and it makes me feel terrible. I always heard that as you have more babies there are less photos and such for each one- and I know this firsthand since I'm number 4 in my own family and there are very limited photos of my own childhood- not to mention the gaps in my baby book.
I hoped to do better with this new baby, and well, the ongoing sickness from the pregnancy really really slowed things down. I am just now feeling better- around 5 months I started to turn for the better. I am just past that and I still have some queasiness here and there, but I am able to go out in the world!
We did find out who this little person is- at 20 weeks. Another BOY!
We are thrilled with this news as we thought it would be fun to have two boys- a brother for Oliver to play with.
Names are still not decided, and I am not worried as it took us til day 2 after Oliver's birth to finalize his, although I'm truly truly hoping we will have it settled well before then!
I have been praying over our second son's name, as it's powerful to be named for life. I know God has a name already chosen for this boy and I am excited to find out what it will be. I've been writing a new list, some from our last pregnancy, but mostly some new ones.
We are just past halfway now in the pregnancy so we have some time!
Here I am at 22 weeks....

Our little Oliver is also growing like a weed. He is such a joy to be at home with day in and day out. At  22 months old, he is very nearly the big 2 years old! I can't believe how quickly the days fly by when you are a parent. But what a wonderful speedy journey it is. Oliver is becoming so much more vocal these days and we love hearing his little baby voice say big words. He tries to mimic us in so many ways and it's hilarious sometimes. It is also teaching us to watch exactly what we say to him- and ourselves. He picks up words so easily I have to be mindful of what words he's saying!
We are planning a party for him this year since we weren't able to really do a big one last year. I'm so excited about it and I'm planning now. Since it's a summer party I have big visions of food already- what else is new these days?
I have also been mentally planning out what we will do room-wise for the new baby. I thought about putting them in the same room and using the other guest room for a play space, but now I'm debating that again, and thinking we may just keep the boys separate and let them play in our loft space that currently holds Oliver's books and many of his toys. It's a great open space and I may just utilize that....
So many ideas, I just need to focus on a couple and tackle those. That's the plan anyways.
We already have a toddler bed for Oliver when we are ready to convert him to that, I just need to touch it up with some paint. We also found a sweet little table and two chairs for his (or playroom) room, but it's going to need some paint for sure. This is part of our birthday gift to him, and depending on when we get it touched up we may let him see it early? Maybe. Once it's done we will put it in the second room, regardless of what we decide to do with that room.
I am excited about decorating, even if it's going to be very budget oriented. I don't mind being thrifty, it makes me have to be creative in a way.
Here is our little monkey at 22 months now, my how I love this little boy!