Monday, March 7, 2011

A chance to win

Okay so I did it. I entered a contest for a local magazine for moms. I am so not one to participate in something that involves sending in photos of yourself....but I did this time. Please humor me and my appeal for you to vote. Please take a moment or two or three, to vote for Oliver and I. We'd love to win!

To win means, a shot of us (professional shoot) on the cover, and some other good stuff including a trip for two night at an inn. Sounds lovely, since Jonah and I do not have extra money to go towards trips and such, as we continue to pay off our student loans. Not that I'm complaining! I know we will be able to yell out , "I'm debt free!" in time.
But to vote just go to the page I linked above, scroll down to our picture and vote. You can vote numerous times a day, you can go to their facebook page and like my photo there. You can share this with your friends and family members.... :)
Just putting it out there if you'd like to help out a good 'cause'.
Thanks for going along with my shameless plea for your vote.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick update

As I finished my last post I read a recent entry by a blog friend I follow:
I found it to be very encouraging as she set out to do many tasks and wrote out her accomplishments as she went along. I'm inspired and a little renewed to do just this.
More thoughts to come!

Time to be disciplined.

I've been feeling a little scattered lately. The other day I heard the phrase, " too many irons in the fire".
So relevant to how I'm feeling.
My interests and need for knowledge has tipped my scales, and I'm feeling very unbalanced. I keep thinking I'll figure out an organized plan for cooking, cleaning, preparing nutritional meals for Jonah and I and Oliver, find time to finish researching vaccines, finish my laundry....for once, get rid of stuff we don't use, hang frames on the walls, print pictures!!!, keep my quiet time with God at a scheduled time each day....and on and on it goes. I don't seem to schedule very well. Maybe it's my personality- that creative need to be impulsive. But I have never stuck to a schedule. I can make a list, write on a calendar, and think that I will follow through with something for a month, only to fail.
I'm getting to the point where I need this structure for my own sanity. My husband loves to make lists for things. He loves seeing the check mark next to his many many lists of things to do. He'll even add something to a list that wasn't included, just so he can check it off! I'm not quite that way. I write a list. Start doing something, get sidedtracked, or get taken to do something that requires me immediately (diaper change, dinner...etc.) forget I made the list and go on forgetting about it.
Does anyone else have a good solid schedule down for their week? We have a pretty basic schedule, I just find it hard to do all the extra work for all my everyday things. I am getting everyday things done but not feeling it's enough.
Perhaps this post doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm resolved to take this to God. To beg Him for organization, discipline, and wisdom in knowing what things are the most valuable things I should use my time for.
So I'll come back to this again. Soon.