Wednesday, April 28, 2010

updated pictures

I am behind at updating, so here are some shots at 32 (top) and 33 (bottom) while I was at one of our showers. I am at 34 now so I'm still behind, but perhaps I can post that one at 36!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

checking the list off

We had our 34 week appt. yesterday and baby Fisher is doing great! I read somewhere that by this point he could be in the position for birth...but he's still so active I am thinking maybe not. My doctor said at our next appt. (36) she will check his position and my progress. Praying for head down!
We went over our birth plan with her too, and it was great to discuss everything we would like to happen in a 'perfect' birth and to hear her thoughts about everything. She explained the reason for certain things and we left feeling pretty good about each decision.
Our next big thing to check off is our hospital tour scheduled for this weekend. Yeah! I'm thrilled to get these things done, even though I know it's not the most important thing in the world if we never made a tour.
We also have been busy busy on Craigslist. Jonah recently discovered if you type in your town in the search it pulls up everything in your town! So we have been finding some great deals right here where we live, instead of having to drive for an hour. We have picked up a bumbo with a tray (I actually got a bumbo for a shower gift, but no tray, so we'll return it and buy something else we need), a monkey harness (for $5 we couldn't pass it up- I'll have to post a pic of it), a bathtub that I had registered for but didn't receive, an extra carseat base for our other vehicle (only $10, they are around $40 new), and our favorite deal, a lovely lamb papasan swing we got for a deal, and it looks new, I'll post pics of it too.
We have so many baby things now, it's amazing how it accumulates in our little place. But what an awesome feeling to get things for bargain prices, along with the gifts our friends generously gave us. It's a busy week ahead at work, so I'm glad we were able to swing by and pick up some craigslist finds today and yesterday. Relief= getting things off your list, off your mind.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Is it Friday yet? It feels like it is in some odd way, but one more day! Did you ever feel like that in your week? We've been so busy as usual, at work and at home. I've been taking it a little easier, especially when we get home from work. Instead of my scurrying around to clean up and fix dinner I rest on the couch with Jonah....lately we've been taking little naps together. It's a nice way to make myself relax, and I'm trying to teach my mind to as well!
We've had 2 baby showers in the past week and we have one more this weekend. I'm truly overwhelmed at the generosity of friends, coworkers and family. We now have our crib and travel system (carseat and stroller) along with many other gifts that we love. What a huge blessing to receive those big items since they are expensive. I can look around at all the gifts from others and once again see how God continues to provide for us. We haven't allowed ourselves to worry about how we can afford the bigger items but we waited to see when we would buy them- or find a deal. So having them given to us was so exciting! Since we are living in a small apartment we weren't really concerned about setting up a nursery. I have to say in the beginning of the pregnancy I was like many other women- wanting everything all set up in a painted lovely organized nursery and I wanted to move to a house regardless of all the money we would be losing by getting out of our lease early.
Truly it was the Lord that changed my heart. My husband is oftentimes wiser when it comes to financial decisions and he saw the need to stay where we were until our lease ended (after the birth). I had doubts and concerns and selfish reasons for wanting to move. It wasn't easy or fast that I came to a peace about trusting him and trusting God about where we needed to be right now. But now I can say I'm so thankful we are where we are. For one I think I would be with other moms- freaking out about finishing the nursery to have it just right for the baby- who in reality won't really care about the wall color or bedding. It takes so much pressure off me right now, which I think God knew I would need. We have a bassinet, graciously given to us by friends and we have some inexpensive dressers I found on Craigslist, that are filled with his little clothes, shoes, hats, bibs and blankets. I have yet to re-situate everything. My sister in law gave us garbage bags full of clothes, bibs, bottles, some shoes, blankets and burp clothes for our son, that she is not using (she has a little boy too), so those along with all our gifts are waiting to be unpacked, washed and put away- well at least moved out of our living room. I am not complaining one bit about the stuff sitting where it is though. I am reminded of the generosity of others, the coming birth of our son, and the abundance of God's provision everytime we come home.
Needless to say I have many thankyou cards to write, which I am excited about. One thing at a time, I'm learning!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hospital visit

So last night we made a trip to the hospital. We were practicing for the real thing...not really. I have been having lots and lots of Braxton Hicks lately and at night they seem to pick up even more frequently. On our last doctor visit I mentioned this to my doctor and she said if I'm having more than 4-5 in an hour to call. She doesn't mess around with any complications in a pregnancy! So I monitored them last night and was averaging around 9 per hour. Strong ones too, like a hard tight ball. So I didn't want to have to go to the hospital but I called our office and she said 'go to the hospital- labor and delivery in the triage center'. So that's what we did.
Now we haven't had our hospital tour yet to familiarize ourselves with triage and delivery and where everything was located, so it was interesting that we kind of had this 'dry run' to see how long it takes to get there (if he was to come at night) and where to go, what to do etc. So that in itself was helpful. I ended up getting registered, changing into a gown, getting a fetal monitor strapped on and a couple of tests done, and just hung out in a room with Jonah. Of course we didn't bring anything with us to do, like read or watch. We didn't realize we'd be there for a couple hours- that's how long one of the tests took.
The longer I sat there the more I started to not relax, thinking 'would if he came tonight? I'm only at 32 weeks (almost 33), and we don't have a carseat', and on and on.
So after all the waiting and testing and two shots later (medicine to stop contractions) they finally stopped and my tests came back good, not dehydrated (I've really been chuggin), no dialation, and no pre-term labor. Praise the Lord.
So in the end it was interesting to be there, kind of like testing the waters, and it was nice to hear his heartbeat and his strong little movements for a couple hours. It was so funny to hear him, you could hear every little kick and turn and twist. He is definitely an active baby. I feel him move so much stronger now and so often it makes me laugh.
I am trying to take it a little easier. Even though my mind runs to places of all the things to be done, I'm learning to listen to my body, my baby and my husband!! My husband is the love of my life and he was wonderful throughout this, trying to help me not focus on my nerves and taking time to just massage my arms and legs and just hang out with me as we watched the clock. I guess all those checkups at the doctors have prepared us for last night- at least the waiting part. We always have a good amount of time to just wait in the office. But in the end, I'm praying for these contractions to settle down at least for another few weeks! I'm so thankful for the Lord's protection throughout this, and I'm excited to meet this little guy and tell him one day how eager he was to come meet us!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had a moment last night- a "plom" moment as my mom would often say (poor little old me). It's amazing to me how satan can prey on us in our weakest moments, as well as our weakest defenses. Mine would be my emotions and my thoughts, and I very much felt sorry for myself.
In light of all the big decisions we have been making lately I started to doubt and worry and second guess why we made those decisions. One being work. Would I continue to work, or would I have to find childcare for our precious son? This has been a huge area of stress for me, more emotionally than anything. I turned to the Lord for prayer and guidance, we both did. We've prayed about it many times and before choosing what to do we prayed again.
In the end we chose for me to cut back my hours, which would still allow me to have some medical benefits where I work, but also allow me some time at home with our son. (I'll work 3 days) I can say I felt peace about this in a sad way- sad because I knew our son would be with someone else on those 3 days. But as my mind wrestled back and forth with this, I also knew we wouldn't be in this situation forever, it too is temporary. And sometimes when God doesn't spell it on the pavement for you, you have to move in the direction you feel He's leading you until He closes a door. So this is how we came to our decision.
God is so good. Can I just say that? He never misleads or fails us, if we are faithful to follow Him.
My heart may question- is this right?? But I know He'll provide another way if there is one.
Financially we are focusing on paying off all of our debt (we have student loans left) and until we can do that we won't be as free to live the life we want to, which would include me pursuing my personal business perhaps, but definitely caring for our family full time. Work/career  has never been a driving force in my life, but a necessary one. I feel blessed to have so many creative interests that both Jonah and I enjoy and would like to pursue, but all in time.
So I'm looking at this as not forever, and also reminding myself how precious the time will be when I am home with our son, and that my working will help us pull out of debt even faster. It still looks like it will be tight for us financially but I'm not worried about it. This is where He called us and He is faithful to provide.
I'm reminded by so many things around me- including baby items, and of course our lovely glider and ottoman. How can I sink into a plom mood when He continues to love on us the way He does?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Checking off the list

We had our 32 week appointment yesterday and it went good again praise-the-Lord! We love to hear his little heartbeat beating strongly. Another month and I'll be getting my cervix checked at my appointments. That means things could be progressing! That is exciting. My braxton hicks are still here and there and I'm drinking lots of water- increasing my intake now so that I don't bring on too many. My doctor said if they are too often it's bad- it could make me go into labor. Not good this early! So hang in there son, I'll be guzzling water, even if it means bathroom breaks all the time...oh well, this is a short time in my life!
We decided on a pediatrician (yeah!) and we filled out our pre-reg paper for the hospital, to be mailed tomorrow! We also decided on my work schedule for next year, and we are deciding on who will watch our little one. It feels so good to have things checked off the list. Once again I'm so thankful we have months to prepare for this little one entering the world and not a week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How I feel at 32 weeks

About 32 weeks now....
Braxton hicks are kicking in more and more, I started having them weeks ago. Today is just more than usual so I took it easy tonight, took a bath, and enjoyed the massage from Jonah :)
Trying not to panic about the things we don't have yet, as labor seems to be ever closer.
He has found more places to lodge his body, including my ribs, or right under them. That's the strangest place to feel him moving around in.
My bladder is increasingly getting smaller, and I thought I was doing so well up until now!
My sleep at night is getting to be less and less, getting up for the bathroom, tossing and turning, hip pain from my body pillow (hence tossing and turning).
Energy levels are a little less now, at least I can't go quite as long during the day walking around, so glad we went to NY when I had more energy!
Appetite doesn't really seem to increase, but I do snack often and drink lots of water.
My weight is pretty level as far as gaining, I think I am gaining a pound a week.

I think some funny things about pregnancy are the memory loss- at first it was freaking me out at my forgetfulness, now it's making me laugh. How could I forget where I set my glass of water down a minute ago? Another thing is the crookedly tied sneakers I don when I workout, the laces are tied inwards towards my ankles- I haven't asked Jonah to tie them yet, but that may be soon!

Oh the joys of pregnancy, there are certainly ups and downs, but overall it's so different for each woman. I'm learning that more and more, regardless of what I've heard or read everything that happens in your own pregnancy is just for you, and sometimes uniquely for you.
We have a shower this upcoming weekend and we're excited to see family again! I'll have to post how it goes. It's amazing how quickly time is going by now, counting down in my planner, I think we are around 55 days or so, yikes, but yeah!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the Chair

As we get closer to my due date, I've been experiencing some fears. I suspect it's normal to have some fears about labor, about bringing a newborn home, about how it will no longer be the two of us, but three. I think it's because it's new, everything is new and thats scary. I like to think I'm an out of the box kinda girl, who's not afraid to try new things and experiences, but alas I'm more of a chicken when it comes to new things. I tend to gravitate towards what is comfortable and safe and familiar. So pregnancy sure has thrown me for a loop!
I can look back to the first moment I found out we were expecting, wow that was scary. I'm also realizing my fears are really only in my head, I think I make them so much bigger up there than they really are. I remember thinking that it must be the most awful thing to be sick when your pregnant, and while it wasn't pleasant I got through it and it truly was a short time in the entirety of my life. Isn't it just like something Satan would do- to prey on my emotions making things seem bigger and scarier than they really are? It's these fears that bring me back to Jesus feet, praying for strength to move ahead. How much I would have missed out on in my life if I'd held back.
I can look at my experience at working with the teens in our church, going on mission trips. Something definitely uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but what a blessing they were.
Then there is the undeniable way God has continued to show Himself to Jonah and I throughout this pregnancy. I'm trusting You Lord...even when I feel scared for the unknown, I'm hanging in there!
I can physically see so many blessings from God, and it makes me feel loved and almost overwhelmed.
The latest blessing is our purchase of a glider and ottoman from Craigslist. We had been looking for months and months and continued to hold out for the best price, the color choice and more importantly the brand we wanted. It was tough too, we saw many priced higher, and when we did find one we would like, it was was gone that day. So we waited...I prayed for it, and we waited some more.
I finally got in touch with a seller right before our trip to NY.  Literally this was a day before we left, and we could go see it that night, but after talking to the lady she said she wasn't in a hurry to sell it and we could see it when we got back the next week.
Well once we came back it took about a week to reconnect with her, I thought it would be gone by then.
Lo and behold we found time to drive over and check it out and wouldn't you know it was what we were looking for? And for a bargain price too!
We've cleaned it, and loved on it (Jonah had to play with the lock mechanism a bit, and made it work correctly), and we touched up a couple scratches, but it's as good as new now. And here I sit relaxing in this chair. Whenever we walk in I'm reminded of what a blessing it is to have it. There it is our blessing sitting in the corner. Thank you Lord for things that point us to You, even if they are simply things.