Tuesday, June 5, 2012

oliver turns 2

This year I decided to be crazy and throw a birthday party for Oliver. For his 1 year, we were about to leave the country, leave him overnight for the first time (for 9 days), and basically had a million things going on the weekend of his birthday. To make it less stressful all around we had a simple celebration with family and at home. I'm glad we did that especially once his party this year was over with.
It takes a lot of work to have a party! But it was worth it, I can't say it wasn't. Oliver had a blast playing with friends and family and we enjoyed seeing our friends and family too!
Funny thing is on the actual day of his party (we had it a few days before his actual birthday, since the date worked out better) I ended up being sick. I did not feel well all day, but thankfully my husband kicked it all into high gear and saved the day, many times over. He worked so hard helping with cleaning, decorating and whatever else needed to be done, while I rested in between doing tasks. I wish I could have been feeling better to just enjoy each moment, like his big cake ceremony and such, but what are you going to do? Overall, I know Oliver and Jonah had a great time :) I am so glad we have some photos from the day too. We also set up a smilebooth in our garage for our guests to take photos in between things. So glad we did that (thanks honey for setting it up!) because the photos are hilarious.
Then on Oliver's actual birthday we were heading back in town from being away so we were very low key and let him open presents from his family that were mailed to us, as well as a gift from us. We also took him to Cracker Barrel where he enjoyed 'cakes' or pancakes for dinner.
I know it took a lot of work to pull off a party, but it was so much fun, and I'm glad we did. Next year will be so different with a baby brother toddling around, it was nice to just have this celebration for him. Who knows I may do another party one day :)
Here are a few photos from the party, love the last one with Oliver alone on the couch. At the end of the day when everyone had gone he just sat there sucking his thumb looking at his balloons. His favorite thing right now is balloons, and he just sat there in awe of them.