Friday, January 27, 2012

um happy new year

Yes, so I can see it's been over a month since I posted here, and it may be that long until I do again. These days I am not feeling up to writing in my blog. I am not feeling up to doing much of anything actually.
Because of this morning sickness!
We praise God for this gift that he has given us- baby #2. What an amazing thing it is to sit and watch the heart beating of a new little tiny life inside of you.
Our first appointment was yesterday and by God's grace and mercy He sustained me to be able to get through driving and sitting through that appointment. These days have left me housebound with Oliver as my sickness lingers all day long, progressively getting worse as the day goes on. Driving makes it worse. These are definitely the hard days and I have not been able to do much. But I can think of that little life growing away and I know that is cause for it all and I praise God again, no matter how queasy I feel.
I'm eagerly anticipating the days of feeling better, but I am mindful that this phase will end and that is encouraging- there will be an end!
It was surreal to be there yesterday looking at the little baby on the screen.
Before I went my mind had plenty of time to think of all the things that could go wrong, as I am in the first trimester. The moment we waited for the wand to pick up that tiny baby felt long....until there it was, the tiny little body with a tiny little heartbeat cheerfully ticking away. Oh the joy of hearing life is like nothing else!
Jonah and I are excited about this new little one, and we are excited to watch Oliver take on the role of big brother. He is going to be great, and the love he shows to us now will only grow as he shares it with his sibling. We have been telling him about the baby and he finally started saying "baaabeey" very clearly back to us. So sweet it is to hear him say that, even though I'm sure he has no idea what exactly the baby in mommy's belly is. When he saw the screen yesterday with the little baby, he pointed and said, "baby". So maybe he does know more than we think :).
So this is the latest in our household. I don't do very much, I try hard to get meals together, Oliver taken care of in the days, and pretty much lounge at night. It is nice to get out sometimes to see the outside world- but for now I am okay just being able to be at home.
Last time I was working full time and I well remember those early mornings and how tough it was to get up and get going when I was fighting nausea. Thank you God that I am home with Oliver, where I can lay down at the worst.
Perhaps my next post will be one with a stronger stomach. For now, I'll just be here, hanging in there!
9+ weeks