Friday, November 8, 2013

Fire Station Tour!

The best toddler trip ever!
Really, we had a great time touring a fire station about a week ago. Oliver is really into cars of any kind at this age and fire trucks are pretty high up on his favorites list.
I had looked up fire stations in our area and called and scheduled a tour. They are free and you can also bring a group. So I invited some other friends to come along.
It was so much fun! The firemen were so polite and friendly and showed us around the fire house. We watched a safety video, and checked out the everyday space the firemen lived in (they actually stay on shifts for 24 hours). I love the unity and family aspect they convey. Living in the same space so long, cooking meals and doing chores together (they actually rotate what chores they do each week, it was window washing day when we were there) can't help but bring these firemen together. It was a really neat experience.
Plus the boys were able to see some big shiny firetrucks, a police car and a police bike. The officers were so kind to my boys (to all of us that were there, really) and I got to sit in a fire truck!
Granted there wasn't a dalmation dog keeping watch, or a fire pole to slide down, but I guess I've read to many books :)
The boys had a great time. And it was free! I am thinking I'd like to bring some baked goods to them in the near future. It will be fun to do something for them to let them know we appreciate them.

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Jen said...

How cool is that?! I laughed out loud at your "I guess I've read to many books"! I would have looked forward to the Dalmation and sliding pole, too. :)

Bear is into transportation of all kinds too--I wish we could have a cars playdate! Her favorites are cars and airplanes, she's crazy about them. We would really like to take her to an airshow of some kind. :)

So glad you guys had a fun day at the firestation! That was such a good idea. :)